These are the official certified bag companies for the Throw Down Cornhole Tournament 2023. Each bag company will have 2 series of bags to choose from with 2 color options.

These bags will be available for purchase on May 1, 2023 from each company’s specific website. Which links will be provided below.

These bags will be the only official bags allowed to use at the Throw Down 2023 event. To help support each bag company and the Throw Down Cornhole Festival only 2023 approved bags will be allowed to use during the event. If you choose not to buy bags in advance you will be able to check out bags at the event. Bags that are checked out the weekend of the event will be AllCornhole and Fire Cornhole bags. These are the 2 only companies that will provide bags onsite for players to choose from who didn’t purchase bags ahead of tournament. Bags from AllCornhole and Fire Cornhole will be the same exact bag available for purchase on their site in advance.

If two teams have the exact bag and color and they choose to compete with those bags both teams will have to put a mark on there bags to identify them and the game will be self regulated.

Black Sheep Baggers

KillShots Cornhole

Gladiator Cornhole Gear

Brotherhood Cornhole